Dublin Vitality Centre clinic are Ireland leading colonic irrigation hydrotherapy clinics with locations in South Dublin City Centre at Ballsbridge and also Blanchardstown Village. You will find relaxing and private holistic colonic irrigation hydrotherapy centre by nurse trained therapists who are also Irelands only internationally certified colonic instructors. You will find The Harley Street Method of colonic irrigation hydrotherapy which  enables the client to benefit from this wonderful colonic treatment without any loss of privacy. Tubes are notably smaller and are the system is equipped with a built in shower facility. Book Today



Colonic Irrigation €90 Dublin Vitality Centre Offers A Natural Way To Detox and Cleanse To Feel Better Instantly.


No Price Gimmicks. No extra cost for subsequest treatments.

  • Colonics can eliminate Bloating
  • Colonics can Boost Energy levels and aid diet
  • Colonics can flatten Tummy kickstart metabolism
  • Colonics can Brighten Eyes and Skin
  • Colonics can cleanse Your Body of Toxins
  • Colonics Gets Results Thats why people like Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Tara Reid, Lindsay Lohan, and Kimberly Stewart have colonics regularly.

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“ I couldnt be happier with the results” U Magazine, review of Dublin Vitality Center


“ Colleagues were commenting on my glowing skin...flatter stomach”
Womans Way Magazine, review of Dublin Vitality Center

Many sports professionals use colonics to kickstart their health regime in preparation for a major physical event where their body needs to be in tip top form.


Ballsbridge 01-9018359 Blanchardstown 018201602

Contact Dublin Vitality Centre Ballsbridge or Blanchardstown if you suffer from any of the following:

Condition Can colonics help?
Constipation Yes colonics may help
Diarrhea Yes colonics may help
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Yes colonics may help
Weight Problems Yes colonics may help
Skin Problems Yes colonics may help
Circulatory Problems Yes colonics may help
Chronic Fatigue Yes colonics may help
Sinus Problems Yes colonics may help
PMT Yes colonics may help
Insomnia Yes colonics may help
Infertility Yes colonics may help
Depression Yes colonics may help
Headaches Yes colonics may help
Back Pain Yes colonics may help
Joint Pain Yes colonics may help
Bad Breath Yes colonics may help
Body Odour Yes colonics may help
Irritability Yes colonics may help
Confusion & memory Yes colonics may help
Diverticulitus Yes colonics may help
Colitus Yes colonics may help
Bloating Yes colonics may help
Mood Swings Yes colonics may help


If so, you may benefit from colonics at Dublin Vitality Center.

What Can I Expect When I Go For A Colonic At Dublin Vitality Center?

Colonics at Dublin Vitality Center are a relaxing and enjoyable treatmtent set in stylish therapy room surroundings. Your body is never exposed at any time. The therapist may or insert the tube or you may do so yourself. The tube is only the size of a pen top and is inserted approximately 1 inch into the rectum. Warm water is gently infused into the colon and is released relieving symptoms of bloating and constipation immediately.

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For colonic hydrotherapy, we use the very latest equipment which comes from the USA . We are one of the first in Ireland to use this system which ensures that the client enjoys maximum personal privacy at all times. This method is the preferred and chosen system currently used by clinics in Harley Street London and other high end clinics across the UK and USA.  Our therapists are dual trained in ARCH and IACT Methods. Dublin Vitality Center has a nurse available at all times. 

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At Dublin Vitality Center, men and women of all ages attend regularly for colonics. We have seen people lose over 4 stone in 6 months. We have seen stubborn acne heal up after 3 sessions. Sinus problems, bloating, IBS and depression are all ailments which our clients use colonics for. At Dublin Vitality Center, the client base is 50% men and 50% women who travel from all parts of Dublin and the country to have this wonderful treatment again and again. Our clients come back because we use the most up to date colonic methods and have a nurse onsite. Accessible free parking is available and the clinic is discreet and stylish.

Colonics may increase your sex drive and give you a new lease of life as constipation and overloaded colon can reduce your libido. If you feel tired and have reduced sexual appetite, you may benefit from a colonic. It is alway recommended to contact your doctor first if you experience a dramatic change in your health.





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How can colonics benefit ailments such as sinuses and bad breath. Whats the connection with the colon?

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The colonic is concerned with cleaning the colon. The colon or large intestine is one of the four major main elimination systems of the body.When the colon is blocked or overloaded it throws back toxins which it can no longer cope with to the other major elimination systems such as the skin. This may cause bad skin and acne as the toxins reach the surface. It may throw toxins back on the longs. This can cause bad breath and sinus problems. It may throw toxins back on the kidneys causing infections. The liver may also be effected causing a feeling of reduced energy and fatigue. Colonics can help by clearing away old matter built up in the colon. At Dublin Vitality Center we use the most up to date equipment to ensure a comfortable colonic.

In Chinese medicine the internal organs are paired. The large intestine is paired with the lungs, the stomach is paired with the heart for example, the kidney's are paired with the bladder, etc..
Your large intestine is made up of four main sections: the ascending colon transverse colon descending colon & the sigmoid colon.
The total length of your large intestine is approximately 5-6 feet and it ends at the anus where feces are eliminated from the body. This is the area that is cleansed during colonics at Dublin Vitality Center.

For most of us, the stomach is perpetually stuffed with denatured foods taken in incompatible combinations. The liver is swollen and strained with the effort of breaking down massive intakes of animal protein and fat as well as drugs and poisons and alcohol. Colonics and enemas will rid the body of toxins caused by the overload of these substances. During your consultation at Dublin Vitality Center, we will discuss your diet too.

If the body is toxic, the pancreas balloons to abnormal size owing to the constant demand for digestive enzymes to process enzymeless foods, and the colon gets lined with layer upon layer of glue-like crud that poisons the bloodstream which can be cleared away with colonics. We have seen clients pass black tar-like old matter at Dublin Vitality Center during colonics.

Of all the vital organs in the body, the one that suffers the most abuse from modern dietary habits is the large intestine, otherwise known as the colon. Our colons were intended by nature to function as smoothly flowing sewer systems, in order to promptly flush digestive wastes from the body. Because of our lifestyles, most of us need to have a colonic before we start a new eating regime which avoids over processed foods. Dublin Vitality Center ensure personal privacy at all times during colonics.

We need to address our lack of water, vegetables and fibre that have caused matter to become stagment in the colon in the first place. Hard matter becomes impacted and is re-absorbed by the body causing problems elsewhere. Have colonics regularly to avoid this and get your body in optimal health before embarking on a healthy regime. Your therapist will discuss this with you at Dublin Vitality Center.

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Why does it cause problems?

You may not be drinking enough water or taking enough exercise. You may have a bad diet or you may have a weak colon. Some people carry within the colon over 5 pounds of putrid, half digested red meat impacted for years in the folds of the colon with mucus. Nobody needs to tell you that its better out than in. Call Dublin Vitality Center today to book your appointment. 01-8201602



Feel Good and Look Great with Colonics at Dublin Vitality Center.

Serotonin, the body’s natural “feel good” hormone is produced in the colon as well as in the brain, which could explain why so many people report a feeling of well being and uplifted mood after colonic hydrotherapy treatment. In fact, drugs used to treat IBS, a broad term for general disorders of the colon including sluggish bowel, constipation and bloating, are derived from antidepressants. This would indicate that it may be possible to treat mild depression known as “the blues” naturally with colonic hydrotherapy.

A clean and healthy elimination system brings many powerful benefits to the body. Immediately after colonic treatment, clients of Dublin Vitality Center report a feeling of happiness and well being and the complexion is immediately radiant. Bloating disappears and the tummy is flattened. Colonics have been referred to as "the natural botox" due to the instant uplifting effects which they on the skin, particularly between and around the eyes. This is due to the rehydration of the skin and eyes during the treatment as the colon drinks in water and brings it to areas of the body where hydration is sometimes not reached. We see a notable difference in the clients appearance after colonics at Dublin Vitality Center.


After colonics at Dublin Vitality Center, clients often report feeling "lighter" and "uplifted" with a new zest. The body is rehydrated and the eyes are brighter and sparkling. Some clients at Dublin Vitality Center notice that their skin is dramatically improved especially between the eyebrows where stress and toxin are evident. For many clients at Dublin Vitality Center weight-loss occurs after a course of colonics, as they no longer wish to take in the bad foods which have been causing excess weight. At Dublin Vitality Center which is conveniently located in Blanchardstown village, it is possible to receive the benefits of colonics without the unpleasantness sometimes associated with this treatment. We use the most modern up to date equipment which ensure privacy at all times during the colonic. This colonic hydrotherapy system at Dublin Vitality Center is one of the first of its kind in Ireland and is the most up-to-date equipment in the world. This is the preferred system now used for colonics across Harley Street Clinics. 

 Kick Start your healthy weight loss programme with a colonic at Dublin Vitality Center. Boost your metabolism & brighten the skin.

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I would like to book online? You can book online or you can contact Dublin Vitality Center
I would like to pay with Visa? You can pay Dublin Vitality Center with PayPal using Visa
Can I park nearby? Yes there is free parking at Dublin Vitality Center
Will I be able to drive afterward? Yes, you will feel refreshed and energised after your colonic at Dublin Vitality Center and you will be perfectly able to drive.
Do you have late appointments? Yes, we can accomodate you up to 8pm at Dublin Vitality Center.
I would like to book a voucher for my friend Dublin Vitality Center has a voucher gift service. Please ask about this.
How do I prepare for a colonic At Dublin Vitality Center, we recommend you fast for 4 hours in advance of your colonic, avoid heavy foods such as white bread, potatoes and pasta.
What about good bacteria in the colon? At Dublin Vitality Center,we use refridgerated quality pro-biotics which are given to the client after your colonic to ensure good bacteria is restored .

WClare Young of GMTV Reviews Colonic at Harley Street Clinic in London. This is method used at Dublin Vitality Centre

Harley Street Method 3 x Colonic Irrigation NOW €250

SPECIAL OFFER 2017 Colonic Irrigation Now €90


If you suffer from bowel issues or have had surgery, Dublin Vitality Center recommends that you have regular checkups with your GP and confirm that colonics are suitable for your condition. Dublin Vitality Center is a member of The International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy - The only Internationally recognised qualification in Colon Hydrotherapy


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